Other Updates

Update Date
Guidance on LCAs from worldsteel Apr 2024
Printing Equipment and Toner Cartridges – Our position on developing new Ecodesign regulations Sep 2023
Ecodesign Regulations (ESPR) – Where less could be more Mar 2023
Profitability of remanufacturing during 2020-22 "war-time supply conditions". Nov 2022
Two new members join our Steering Group May 2022
The Long View: Exploring Product Lifetime Extension Nov 2020
The Great Reset - It depends on you Jul 2020
Supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19 Feb 2020
Our joint submission on improving the transboundary movement of cores Feb 2020
EC New Circular Economy Action Plan Roadmap Jan 2020
Helping to revise the EC Blue Guide Jan 2020
The European Remanufacturing Council welcomes a new Associate: Régis Dando Jan 2020
Need an innovative business model to develop your remanufacturing activity? Oct 2019
"Better Than New" - Designing new products for many lives Jul 2019
Come to ReMaTec 2019 Amsterdam and join us for our 3rd Annual Meeting on Monday 24th June – IT’S OPEN TO ALL! Jun 2019
It's Global Remanufacturing Day! Apr 2019
The European Remanufacturing Council – This is just the beginning Mar 2019
Innovation and remanufacturing Nov 2018
Berlin: What? How? Why? Nov 2018
Under the guiding eye of Bertold Brecht: Our second annual conference Nov 2018
UN Environment Programme gives green light to Remanufacturing Oct 2018
European Remanufacturing Council shortlisted for P4G Award in Copenhagen Oct 2018
The ship of Theseus Sep 2018
Remanufacturers honoured at Automechanika 2018 Sep 2018
Getting value out of the G7 in Montreal Jul 2018
Remanufacturing - not just an academic exercise Jun 2018
New from old: resource efficiency through remanufacturing Jun 2018
Automechanika – Come and Buy parts for the Circular Economy Jun 2018
G7 Montreal – Signalling a Change in Direction Jun 2018
ReRun - Resilient Remanufacturing Networks: Forecasting, Informatics and Holons Apr 2018
European Remanufacturing Council accorded ‘Affiliate’ status with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Apr 2018
First Global Remanufacturing Day, 12th April 2018 Apr 2018
Hebei, China? It's time to look closer. Apr 2018
Trade, China and plastics meet at the EU Circular Economy Event Mar 2018
#BetterThanNew at Parliament meeting on Remanufacturing Feb 2018
IBM host our first Members' meeting Feb 2018
Champion of sustainable manufacturing appointed to accelerate European innovation in remanufacturing Feb 2018
European Remanufacturing Council wins Davos award for saying 'yes' to 'one product - two lives' Jan 2018
China Mission 10-14th March 2018 Jan 2018
Planned obsolescence? Demand planned longevity! Jan 2018
First Members' Council Meeting Nov 2017
ICoR 2017 Nov 2017
'More in common' at EU roundtable Sep 2017
Review: The first six months of the CER Aug 2017
The EU roundtable on remanufacturing, ReMaTec 2017 Jul 2017
Member company case study : Lexmark Jul 2017
Academic Research Jun 2017
The first World Circular Economy Forum Jun 2017
Member company case study : ARP Supplies BV Jun 2017
Founding member, German Imaging Technologies, give their thoughts on joining the Council Mar 2017
TU Delft's Dr David Peck and ERN Partner... Mar 2017
CER Launch: Keynote Speech from Walter Stahel on Circular Economy Mar 2017
European Remanufacturing Council launches with a nod to Hollywood Mar 2017