Supporting Remanufacturing — the backbone of the Circular Economy.

Work Programme

Our 2017 work programme will be defined by our members. The types of activities to be undertaken by the Council include:

Manage a launch event in Brussels for the new Council.
Highlight the intellectual property (IP) issues relating to remanufacturing that need to be resolved (e.g. remanufactured items containing the patented components & brand names of OEMs that have been remanufactured by a third party).
Publish a list of priority research tasks.
Respond to current events and policy announcements with policy papers.
Investigate the potential role of EU and Member State public procurement of remanufactured products, through Green Public Procurement to promote remanufacturing.
Publish a list of product categories for which remanufacturing has the greatest potential.
Identify issues of common interest, both amongst corporate members (in camera), and with EU and Member State policy makers (e.g. legislative barriers, standards, green public procurement, tax relief, communication of benefits & barriers, etc.)
Present evidence-based research and the position of CER members at relevant events.
Host annual briefing events in Brussels.
Manage this website containing timely, accessible information (legal advice, best practice, case studies) relating to the work of the Council, its members, and the remanufacturing sector.

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