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Congratulations to Autocraft for winning ReMaTecNews’ Remanufacturer of the Year Award for Best Reman Process Optimisation at the 2018 Frankfurt Automechanika trade fair.

David Fitzsimons and Owain Griffiths were there to celebrate as Council member Autocraft’s Mike Hague-Morgan collected the award, for process innovations in remanufacturing of cylinder bores, developed alongside Ford and others.

And, in a happy turn of events, Alec - award winners in the Best Reman Ambassador category - announced at the same time they will be joining the Council.

"Frankfurt is home to the world's largest trade fair for automotive suppliers and we were glad to be there promoting the circular economy. What a bonus for us to see our member companies identified as leaders in their work," said David.


(With thanks to ReMaTecNews for the photos of Adam Hill of ReMaTecNews with Mike Morgan of Autocraft and Thijs Jasink of Alec)

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