Supporting Remanufacturing — the backbone of the Circular Economy.


The ERN (European Remanufacturing Network) is a forum for researchers working on remanufacturing.  We are working with a number of the academic partners to develop new research themes.  As part of this work we attended Cardiff University in March to open a new EPSRC funded research project led by Professor Aris Syntetos (   Supported by global logistics company Panalpina, the 2-year research project aims to improve the algorithms used by remanufacturing businesses for software that models production planning.  Shortly afterwards we were pleased to participate in the CIE-MAP “Rethinking Business” research conducted by several universities and the Green Alliance.  We explained the role of remanufacturing to ensure that it is included in the on-going academic research project led by Leeds University.

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Circular economy and remanufacturing in Europe